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With so many types of vacuum cleaners available, it can be difficult to choose one that's exactly right for you and your cleaning application. Answer these questions before you go shopping to get an idea of what to look for.

What type of floors do you have?
Choosing the best vacuum cleaner greatly depends on your floor type. If you have wall to wall carpet, you'll most likely need an upright vacuum. To clean stairs and upholstery, look for a canister vacuum or even a handheld vacuum . Have mostly hard floors? A stick vacuum will be more appropriate.  Check our guide on choosing a vacuum by floor type for more help. 

How much power do you need?
For the most part, don't equate a vacuum's motor power with performance. To find a quality vacuum cleaner, it's more important to pay attention to a unit's airflow (usually measured in CFM) and how it handles.  The only time when you may want to consider a vacuum power is you're trying to clean high-traffic commercial floors like offices, restaurants, or hotels.  These cleaning applications will require a commercial vacuum cleaner.A commercial vacuum will usually have a more  powerful motor to handle tougher cleaning jobs.  For more information, read our guide on common vacuum cleaner mistakes

Do you prefer a bagged or bagless vacuum?
Many people like bagless vacuums because they don't have to worry about repurchasing dust bags. But what consumers fail to realize is that most bagless vacuum cleaners require regular replacement filters. Be sure to factor in vacuum maintenance requirements and replacement costs into your buying decision.

Is there a specific vacuum brand you're looking for?
Most consumers are familiar with vacuum cleaner brands.  A Dirt Devil, Bissell , or Hoover vacuum can be found in many households.  But there are also many special vacuum cleaner manufacturers out such as Eureka , Electrolux, and Panasonic. If you're loyal to a certain vacuum brand, chances are we probably carry it!

Check out our list of vacuum buying tips or take a look at our vacuum cleaner reviews for even more information on choosing a vacuum!


The Best Way to Clean Your Carpets

Cleaning and maintenance is a key factor in carpet ownership, and proper cleaning is the first step to preserving the life of carpet.  But sometimes vacuuming just isn't enough.  If you want to save on professional carpet cleaning costs, also think about a floor care machine that will do more than just vacuum.

How often should I vacuum my floors?
Once a week and even more often in heavy traffic areas.   Frequent vacuuming keeps your carpet clean and even prolongs its life.

Is vacuuming enough?
Vacuuming is generally the single most effective means of keeping carpet clean.  In fact, 90 to 95 percent of all dry soil by weight can be removed from carpet by following a routine schedule.  However, vacuuming won't get rid of soiled and set in stains.

Can't I just remove stains with cleaning detergent?
Not really.  Independent testing shows that many cleaning detergents and spot removers clean no better than water . They can leave a sticky residue that attracts soil at a faster rate, so they're generally not recommended.

What's the best way to get my carpet really clean?
Carpet also requires periodic deep extraction cleaning. Deep cleaning extractors and carpet shampooers effectively remove soil and also recover most of the water or solution from the carpet.  They're a great alternative to professional carpet cleaning if your carpet is in relatively good shape.


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