The Convenience of Cordless Vacuums

The Best Cordless Vacuums

Cordless vacuums offer a number of enticing incentives, such as versatility, convenience,  and energy savings but the most appealing is the freedom to move about your home!

When we think about cordless vacuums two specific types come to mind - stick cordless vacuums and handheld cordless vacuums. The reason for this is that a traditional upright or canister vacuum cleaner is much too powerful and uses too much energy to be able to sustain a cordless design. That being said, we've just covered the number one pitfall of cordless vacuums: a lack of power.

However, if you were only going to focus on the volts and watts of the issue, then you'd defeat the purpose of cordless vacuums all-together! You want a cordless vacuum because of its versatility and ability to get simple tasks finished quickly.  In addition, cordless vacuums are far less heavy than traditional models and are easier to pick up and use.

They're small too, so cordless vacuums let you clean spaces and places that are tight, small, low, high, or difficult to reach. Basically, cordless vacuums are the most convenient small household appliance you can have.

So let's take a look at the top five cordless vacuums (in my opinion) that are available on the market. I'm splitting them up by type so you can decide for yourself which is the best for you!

Handheld Cordless Vacuums

Hoover Cordless Vacuums Hoover Cordless

I'm starting with a personal favorite, and one with the most versatility, the Hoover S1120 handheld wet and dry vacuum cleaner! This handy appliance does it all - including fitting neatly into your palm.

Power: You enjoy a 7.2 volt motor that powerfully suctions up dust and dirt, as well as pieces of debris.

Nozzle: A wide 3-inch nozzle covers more ground for faster cleaning, which is what you're interested in cordless vacuums in the first place!

Storage: This Hoover can hover...well sort of. Actually, it comes with a wall mounting kit for ultra-fast grab-and-go cleaning. And remember, there's no bothersome cord to have to wind up.

Specialty: Wet and dry cleaning capabilities on cordless vacuums you say?  You'll be able to use this cordless vacuum for liquid spills and dry dirt, making it an all-around helpful handheld!

Dirt Devil Cordless Vacuums Dirt Devil Cordless

The Dirt Devil BD10050RED Scorpion handheld vacuum cleaner offers you just drt dirt cleaning, but with a trick up it's sleeve! Yes, this little devil has a surprise in store for you.

As far as handheld cordless vacuums go, the Scorpion keeps things simple at maximum convenience.

Power: Suction up dust, dirt, and debris with a 6 volt motor for convenient cleaning power. You'll catch your prey immediately, without having to go back and forth over an area.

Nozzle: The nozzle is smaller at only 1.5 inches so you won't cover as much ground as fast, but just wait for the reason...

Storage: Choose from a wall mount option of simply store in the cupboard (it only weighs 3 pounds so you can place it just about anywhere).

Specialty: This unit includes a patented Quick Flip crevice tool that's already built-in.  Specially design to clean out the cracks of life, your home will be spotless even in those tiny, hard to reach spaces!

Bissell Cordless Vacuums  Bissell Cordless

Now that we've taken a look at handheld cordless vacuums that are strictly dry and multi-function, we'll take a look at this simple wet cordless vacuum cleaner.

The Bissell 1719 SpotLifter 2X cordless vacuum cleaner is a dream if you've got a pet or small child. Stains can be the worse, dragging down the appeal of your home with each accident. Pretty soon, you're fresh home will look much older, grungier, and well...uglier... than it actually is.

Power: A whopping 9.6 volts of power give this little gadget a real advantage over spots and stains! The motor works hard to get between carpet and upholstery fibers.

Nozzle:  Again, the Bissell wet unit blows away many cordless vacuums with a 7 inch nozzle width. This little appliance really means business!

Storage: This handheld unit doesn't come with a wall mounting kit, but it's still compact enough to easily fit in your cupboard or shelf.

Specialty: A dual tank system, agitating suction, and odor removing are all special in my book, but what I really love is how you can store this wet cordless vacuum with water, so it's ready to use at a moment's notice.

Stick Cordless Vacuums

Electrolux Cordless Vacuums Electrolux Cordless

Now that we've moved beyond handheld convenience I'd like to introduce you to another multi-purpose vacuum of the cordless variety, the Electrolux EL1014A stick vacuum cleaner!

Unlike the other set which were specifically design for mostly above-the-floor cleaning jobs, this stick cordless vacuum is ideal for low-pile carpets, all bare floor types, and rugs.

Power: Stick cordless vacuums usually have a bit more "umph" in their triumph over dirt and dust, but this one actually matches up to the previous wet cordless vacuum at 9.6 volts.

Nozzle: Forget about even comparing this Electrolux nozzle size with any of the handheld cordless vacuums, it'd just outshine them all, instead focus on it's useful swivel design. The nozzle turns 180 degrees on a dime!

Storage: This one will be a bit more tricky to store, but should still fit easily into hallway closets or even master bedroom closets for emergency cleaning.

Specialty: I lied, this unit does do all the amazing things handheld cordless vacuums do! That's because this lightweight device also converts to a handheld vacuum. Overall, you get the best of both worlds with the Electrolux.

Dirt Devil Cordless Vacuums Dirt Devil Cordless 2

So this devilish company comes out with two cordless vacuums I sneaky. Well, allow me to introduce you to the Dirt Devil BD20020 cordless sweeper and yes, I did just list a sweeper in a buying guide to cordless vacuums!

Let me tell you why. Well, if were talking about effortless cleaning and snappy storage there really is not easier unit to handle than this Dirt Devil sweeper. But before you assign it to the back of your list take a look at how it compares.

Power: The Dirt Devil cordless vacuum sweeper operates on an impressive 7.2 volts of power, not bad for a sweeper.

Nozzle: It's nozzle measures the widest at 10.5 inches, meaning you can cover a much larger area in less time than many other cordless vacuums!

Storage: It's simply a snap! Hang the unit from a hook or easily place in a closet.

Specialty: This isn't just a push and sweep design, it actually has a motorized brushroll to pick up heavier, bigger debris pieces.

Cordless Vacuums in Addition

In addition to all the amazing features listed, theses five cordless vacuums are also bagless so you never have to worry about costly replacements! They save you time, money, and energy picking up after life's little mishaps. Consider cordless vacuums in addition to your full-powered, full-sized vacuums!



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