Vacuum Parts and Dirty Bits

The Different Vacuum Parts You Need to KnowVacuum Parts

Okay, so you might be thinking that discussing the different parts of a vacuuming cleaner couldn't be duller then say... actually reading an article about vacuum parts. You might be right, but if you're a home owner or renter (and who among us isn't?) then you know that your vacuum cleaner is a necessity to life as you know it. Thus, vacuum parts are certainly part of the equation, too.

As we all know cleaning is a dirty job, unfortunately. Somehow, with the greatest irony, when we've finally vacuumed up that last speck of dirt we discover that our own person is in need of a hot shower and good scrub. Don't get any grubbier than you need to; keep yourself from becoming a hot mess by ensuring your vacuum cleaner and vacuum parts are in tip-top shape!

It's easy if you know what vacuum parts are lurking beneath the plastic cover. Read on to learn more about the vacuum parts in your vacuum cleaner!

Dust Bag Vacuum Parts

Ah, where would all that dirt, dust, and debris go if it where not for the dust bag? The answer: right back in your face. Of all the vacuum parts, the dust bag is the most important. This essential vacuum part can take the shape of either a traditional dust bag, made from tightly woven fabric, or a more modern take - the dust cup. Either way. You'll spend plenty of time getting to know this vital vacuum part.

The luxury of a dust cup is that you rarely have to change it. The downside is that ever time you empty it out (which will be more often than you'd switch a vacuum bag) you run of risk of being enveloped within a dirty cloud of dust, dirt, hair, dander, and bugs.

The gross factor will increase the older your dust cup becomes and the more damaged it is. By keeping these vacuum parts in good working order you reduce the return of filth into your cleaned room. Vacuum bags requires that they not contain any rips or holes since even the smallest tear can cause the biggest messes (or consequently clog up the entire machine!).

Filter Vacuum Parts

Filters are definitely a vacuum cleaner part you will want to get to know, specifically the specific type in your vacuum model. Since they all vary by filter type and brand it would be pointless to get into the details here. Instead, lets go over the most common filter vacuum parts that are out there.

HEPA Filters - HEPA vacuum filters capture 99.97 percent of irritants down to 0.3 microns.

Scented Filters - Here to provide you the luxury of sweet smelling expelled vacuum air!

Pre-Filters - The pre-filter is a valuable vacuum part that is often washable and gives the main filter some much needed time off. Think of this as your HEPA filter's assistant.

Carbon Filters - If "what's that odor?" is a common question asked when you host dinner parties then you will most likely benefit from owning a vacuum cleaner with a carbon filter. These little gems absorb gnarly smells like kitchen garbage, Fido's favorite spot, and fresh paint jobs!

Motor Vacuum Parts

The motor is the life source of your vacuum cleaner so it's important to know you're taking proper care of it. To ensure powerful suction and optimal cleaning results consult your cleaner's manufacturer's guide to ownership. These are often the most expensive replacement vacuum parts so make sure that the rest of your vacuum is functioning properly or else they will cause a strain on motor - causing it to overheat like a couch potato running on 15 bags of snack chips. 

Brushroll Vacuum Parts

This is an easily replaceable and easy to care for vacuum part because it's actually exposed - unabashedly - for all to see. You'll have to sneak a peak, of course, since the brushroll is located beneath a cover. It's the vacuum part that Vacuum Filter rotates, picking up particles as you shimmy across the room. Depending on the brand of brushroll, they can cost anywhere between $12 to $40 depending on size.

This is another vital part of your vacuum cleaner since, without it, all you'll have is a vacuum with overloaded suction. Imagine trying to suck up pieces of a cooking from a counter - not very easy and you'll soon tire out. But, if you have your hands to help, getting the morsel of baked dough is that much easier! The same goes for your vacuum cleaner and its rotating brushroll.

Well, these have been the principal vacuum parts when it comes to replacements. The next time your vacuum cleaner stops working on the eve of your visiting in-laws check out these vacuum parts to fix the problem. If you can target the issue quickly, you might have the solution in time for dinner!

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