A Bagless Vacuum Means Convenience

Carpeted floors provide considerable warmth and coziness that hard floors do not. They're a textile meant to cover floors. Made from synthetic and natural fibers, carpets consist of a series of piled and woven threads that provide a plush surface to walk on. Historically, homes typically had hard floors as it required no electricity to clean. Brooms and mops had been used in homes as cleaning tools since antiquity.

Carpets and rugs are two terms that are used almost interchangeably. These floor textiles have been in existence for about 4 thousand years. They have been woven in the Persian (Iranian) cultures and are an essential part of Middle Eastern life. It was not until the Crusades that rugs and carpet would make their way into European lifestyles. Even then, they were first used as tapestries to keep the cold drafts from their stone walls.

Early Floor Cleaning Methods

In spite of the comfort and warmth carpet and rugs provided, they had one huge flaw: they were difficult to clean.   In feudal Japan and Europe, mats and rugs were taken out seasonally to beat out the dust. Hard floors were cleaned almost daily and mops would soak up the dirt from tiles. Nowadays, there are hard floor vacuums specifically designed to accurately and efficiently clean these flat surfaces.

Why Bagless Vacuums?

Yet, many homes today still have carpeted floors, especially in bedrooms. Many individuals prefer the feeling of textiles at their feet and prefer a carpeted bedroom over a hard floor one. Therefore, there is still a need for vacuum cleaners, which comes in two main varieties: bagged and bagless.

Bagless vacuums have been on the market since the 1920s, but they didn't become popular until 70 years later. A bagless vacuum typically utilizes cyclonic action to extract dirt and dust into a dust cup. This makes it easier and more ecologically friendly to use over a bagged vacuum cleaner. 

A Bagless Vacuum Means Convenience

Many consumers have left their bagged upright vacuum models for the more modern, sleek bagless convenience. Bagless vacuums can be repeatedly emptied without needing to replace a bag, and can be used to pick up small items that you may not intend to throw away. Spilt paper clips, cat litter, dry pet food, and many other implements can be picked up effortlessly and retrieved in a dirt cup.

Bagged vacuums have dust and dirt bags primarily made of paper or nylon fibers. Unfortunately, paper and nylon require extra resources and its disposal requires even more energy. For those who are eco-conscious, a bagless vacuum can provide a sufficient peace of mind.

Maintaining Your Bagless Vacuum

Although bagless vacuums may require more frequent cleaning (dust cup capacity are typically smaller than dust bag capacities), they're much more convenient because they require no replacement bags. Finding a replacement bag can become difficult as they are not always easily available in stores. Despite consumers now having the easy option of ordering replacement bags online, there is also a shipping fee and shipping time to consider.

With a bagged vacuum, even stocking up on replacement bags may not guarantee its use. Some vacuums will break or malfunction, leaving the owner with a few unused replacement bags for a broken vacuum. Some consumers do not want to face this scenario and therefore opt for a bagless vacuum.

Types of Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Bagless vacuums also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many name brand vacuum cleaner companies have jumped bagless vacuum cleaner idea and now provide efficient, sophisticated models to its consumer base.

Anyone can use a bagless vacuum cleaner, it's safe and makes it easier to clean than traditional sweeping or mopping. Many experts suggest using a bagless vacuum to clean carpets, upholstery, and fabric drapes. Most upright vacuum cleaners will have onboard tools such as an extension pole and crevice nozzles, and most bagless vacuum cleaners come in the upright vacuum variety.


Vacuum cleaners are a must for any household, and even better for the young adult on-the-go. A bagless vacuum cleaner would make an excellent present or gift for the college-bound student or for newlyweds looking for a quick and convenient way to clean their homes.

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