Our Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to heavy-duty cleaning of commercial or industrial areas, you need a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner.  Commercial vacuums are typically manufactured with more powerful motors and designed to remove dirt, grime and debris from high-traffic areas.  Take a look at our picks for best commercial vacuums below:

Best Commercial Upright
Shop-Vac 9624910
Shop-Vac 9624910Clean quickly and effectively with the Shop-Vac 9624910 Industrial multipurpose wet/dry vacuum. Maintain worksites with ease; this vacuum make it a cinch! Features an effective design with a 20 gallon stainless steel tank, 35 foot cord and long-reaching 12 foot hose. Click >>>
Best Back Pack Unit
Shop-Vac 2850010
Shop-Vac 2850010The Shop-vac 2850010 back pack vacuum cleaner is great for industrial and commercial applications. Featuring tough metal tools, 1 year warranty and a long 50 ft. cord so it can cleaner larger areas. Click >>>
Best Commercial Cannister
Sanitaire SC3683
Sanitaire SC3683The Sanitaire SC3683 commercial canister vacuum is lightweight, easily maneuvered; featuring a metal telescopic wand perfect for detailed cleaning. Offering lightweight construction and 10 amps of cleaning power. Click >>>
Best Floor Machine
Koblenz DP-1334
Koblenz DP-1334The Koblenz DP-1334 Industrial Floor Machine has an aluminum shroud and chassis. Featuring a high performance motor which allows for more powerful suction. Click >>>

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