Bissell 18677 Steam Mop Steam Cleaner Review

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Bissell 18677 Review

Bissell 18677 Steam Mop

Ideal for someone who:
  • Does not want use any unnatural chemicals to clean the surfaces in their home.

  • Has a variety of hard floor surfaces like marble, ceramic, stone, vinyl, laminate, linoleum and sealed hardwood in their home.

  • Needs a steam mop for overall cleaning and stubborn spots on hard flooring.

  • Requires a cleaner that does not create a lot of waste for the environment.

  • Likes a cleaner that takes the guessing out of when a filter needs to be replaced.


  • Provides safe and effective, all natural, 100 percent chemical-free cleaning.

  • Produces steam on demand when the trigger is depressed.

  • The Bissell 18677 Steam Mop an be used on a variety of hard flooring, cleaning and sanitizing without the fumes and residue of harsh chemicals.

  • Can be used to clean a larger area of hard flooring, or grabbed for spot cleaning.

  • Allows the thorough cleaning of a variety of floor types without using a mop and bucket.

  • After cleaning you can return to your busy life faster because the floor dries in a matter of seconds.

  • The beads inside of the replaceable filter change from bright green to blue when it needs to be replaced.

  • Includes two Microfiber mop pads that are reusable and machine washable.

  • The replaceable filter protects the heater and pump inside of this steam mop from the impurities found in tap water.

  • The 18677 can be refilled with water at any time during use.

  • The swivel head makes it makes cleaning in tight spaces and under cabinets easy.


  • If the Bissell 18677 Steam Mop's replaceable filter changes color too quickly, you may need to use distilled water because this color change is caused by the hardness of your water.

  • The water tank must be refilled regularly to keep cleaning for an extended amount of time.

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