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The backbone of Robert Bosch LLC is Robert Bosch himself.  Bosch was born in Albeck, Germany. His father believed that it was important to receive a good education, so Bosch attended Realschule which is a secondary technical school from 1869-1876. After secondary school, Bosch took an apprenticeship as a precision mechanic. Following the apprenticeship, he spent seven years providing his talents to a variety of companies in Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom.

In 1886, Bosch founded the "Workshops for Precision Engineering and Electrical Engineering." The first success of this workshop was making an improvement to an unpatented magneto device that was meant to generate the electric spark needed to ignite the air/fuel mixture in a stationary combustion engine. Shortly before the turn of the century, in 1897, Bosch solved one of the greatest technical problems faced by the automotive industry. He was the first to adapt a magneto ignition device to a vehicle engine.

Robert Bosch himself wasn't the only one making great technological advances. In 1902, an engineer for Bosch named Gottlob Honold invented the first commercially viable high voltage spark plug. This invention made the development of the internal combustion engine possible.

Although Bosch originally started his company in Stuttgart, Germany in 1886, he eventually expanded beyond Germany's borders. In 1898 a sales office in the United Kingdom was established. The first sales office and factory in the United States of America were established in 1906 and 1910, respectively. By 1913, the Bosch company had branch operations in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia. In fact, 88% of Bosch's sales came from outside of Germany.

In the 1920s, there was a global economic crisis. Bosch chose to deal with this crisis by modernizing and diversifying the company. The company changed from a small automotive supplier into a multinational electronics group. Bosch, like his father, though education was important and pushed for occupational and further training. Bosch was also one of the first industrialists in Germany to introduce the eight hour working day. Robert Bosch passed away in 1942.

Now a global leader, Bosch is dedicated to innovation and quality engineering. They are among the companies with the most patent applications worldwide. Bosch has expanded its operations to almost fifty countries and every continent. When you see the brand name Bosch, it stands for innovation, quality and product diversity.

The bosch BSG81396UC Premium Prestige canister vacuum cleaner is one of the most popular Bosch models. It has innovative filtration technology and fingertip controls that are the result of careful designing and testing meant to improve cleaning effectiveness. The Bosch BSG71370UC Formula Electro Duo Plus HEPA canister vacuum cleaner is one of the quietest vacuum cleaners in its class. This is a great accomplishment because as well as being very quiet, this vacuum cleaner has a 12 amp motor, superior filtration system and an integrated power switch. The Bosch BSA2222UC Compact Plus Hard Floor canister vacuum cleaner is lightweight and compact without compromising power or suction. It runs on an 11 amp motor and has on-board attachments and efficient filtering systems.

As well as being a world leader in appliance manufacturing, Bosch is dedicated to being energy efficient. The company has reduced its environmental impact by:

  • reducing the amount of energy used by its appliances.
  • reducing the amount of material used for packing appliances.
  • using recoverable materials in a high proportion.
  • reducing the amount of waste emitted by its appliances.

The creation of innovative solutions that help improve the efficiency of appliances without compromising their effectiveness is what makes Bosch the leader in upscale and energy efficient appliances.

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