Get Your House as Clean as Your Neighbor's

We've all had it: house envy. We visit our neighbor's house and immediately see how much cleaner and brighter their home is than our.  In comparison, you start thinking your home resembles the mustiness of a medieval dungeon more than it does a comfortable, clean and air home. 

But there are a few things you can do to get your house as spotless as the one next door.  And while the grass may be greener on the other side, your house can definitely be the cleanest on the block. 

What your neighbor knows that you don't

Chances are your neighbor knows just the right tricks and gadgets you need to get your house looking like a model home. Take note of the tips here and you can pretty much assure you'll have a home that'll soon be the envy of the entire neighborhood. 


Kitchens are the heart of the home and considering that this is the primary area for food/drink consumption, it's really important you go the extra mile to keep this area clean.  Try these ideas to start with:

  • When washing dishes, add a few tables of vinegar to help cut the grease and get dishes sparkling.
  • Disinfect sponges by first washing them, then heating them to kill all the bacteria harboring within. 
  • Remove food odors by soaking a cotton ball in pure vanilla essence and placing it on a saucer on either your counter or in your fridge.
  • Remove calcium deposits from coffee makers by pouring vinegar into it was if you were making copy.  Be sure not to use a filter.  Turn the coffee maker on and repeat this with a new batch of vinegar until it runs clean - which means it's free of calcium deposits.


Bathrooms are notorious for being host to an array of bacteria.  The best bet for a clean bathroom is to have a separate cleaning set for each bathroom in your house.  This way, not only is the cleaning easily accessible, but you're not tracking bacteria-ridden cleaning products all over your home.  For some additional measure, consider:

  • Preventing mold spores by washing shower curtains with a pint of vinegar.
  • Removing shower door build up by wiping it with lemon oil.


One of the biggest surface areas in your home is your carpet or flooring.  There are no tricks to get past cleaning this.  The only way to clean your carpet or flooring, which are roaming with thousands of micro-organisms, is to invest in good vacuum cleaner.

There are many different types of vacuums to choose from, depending on what type of flooring/carpeting you have.

Windows and Walls

In addition to floors, walls and windows take up a huge surface space in your home.  Since we're not walking on walls and our possessions aren't in direct contact with them, we can get away with a little more leniency in how frequently we clean these areas.  But when you do clean them, consider:

  • Washing windows using crumpled up black and white newspaper dipped in vinegar. Finish it off by shine drying it with a dry newspaper or cloth.
  • Removing stickers by applying vinegar to the stick and letting it soak before scrapping it off.
  • Removing crayon from walls by rubbing a damp sponge with Colgate toothpaste.
  • Remove scuff/pen marks from walls using a dry cloth and rubbing alcohol.


Another big area that most people forget about when it comes to cleaning is dusting.  And I don't mean swipe a paper towel over a surface - I mean polishing and getting down to the nitty gritty.  Sure it takes a little extra time and is a complete chore, but once done not only will you be able to see the difference, you'll be able to smell the difference since you'll have gotten rid of dust, dust mites, and dust mite excrements.  Some things to keep in mind when dusting:

  • Start by removing everything off counter tops, credenzas, tables, desks, etc. Don't forget that ideally the items you're placing aside while you dust, also have to be dusted - frames, vases, china, crystal, etc.
  • When dusting the surfaces, don't forget to dust table and chair legs, wooden grooves, handles
  • Be sure to use a separate cleaner and cloth for glass and woods.
  • Many people forget to dust bathrooms as well.  Don't be one of these people.


This may seem odd to you.  You may be thinking "How can decluttering get my house clean?" Or may be thinking "But I need all my stuff".  Let's start by answering both questions off the bat. 

  1. Decluttering your house instantly makes your house look neater.  A neater more organized house gives the illusion of a cleaner home.
  2. Chances are you don't need all your "stuff", but you can keep it if you want.  Just try being more organized about where you keep it.  Storing your belongings in containers, bins and baskets will instantly give your space a brighter cleaner appearance.

Now that you know why, lets look at how:

  • Start one room at a time.  It's like that your most cluttered rooms will be the bedrooms and kitchen.  Tackling these rooms off the bat will be a task possibly too over-whelming for a first time declutterer.  Start small and start in a commonly used area - like the living room. Most people don't really store too much in their living room, making this starting spot perfect.
  • Manage your time:  Depending on how much time you have devote either fifteen minutes or one day to each area or room in your home.  This helps break it down an otherwise overwhelming task.
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