Emer 020028 Basket Vacuum Cleaner Filter


Emer 020028 Basket Vacuum Cleaner Filter Made with Blue Foam and Important to the Suction of Your Vacuum Cleaner

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One of the most important parts of your vacuum cleaner is the filter. The Emer 020028 basket vacuum cleaner filter is made to be used with Emer Leonardo and Michelangelo wet/dry vacuum cleaners only.

If keeping the dirt that you suck up with your Michelangelo and Leonardo wet/dry vacuum cleaners inside the machines is important to you, then you'll want an Emer 020028 basket vacuum cleaner. As well as keeping potentially harmful debris in the machine, this filter kills germs and contaminants inside of it with its dry environment. This filter is helpful when trying to improve air quality and the quality of your life.

The Emer 020028 is an essential component when it comes to the suction and dirt handling of your vacuum cleaner being efficient. Dirt and grit is kept from entering the important parts of your machine. Abrasion and premature part failure is prevented.

For a great filter that improves ar quality and prolongs the life of your vacuum cleaner, choose the Emer 020028 basket vacuum cleaner filter today!


  • Model: 020028
  • Product Type: Basket Vacuum Cleaner Filter
  • Application: Replacement basket filter traps dirt and germs picked up by your wet/dry vacuum
  • Product Type: Replacement Filter
  • Includes: Basket vacuum cleaner filter
  • Amount Included: 1
  • Compatible With (Manufacturer's Part Number): Emer Leonardo and Michelangelo wet/dry vacuums


  • Abrasion and premature part failure of your vacuum's parts is avoided by the filter.
  • Dirt is prevented from entering the critical mechanical parts of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Dirt that is sucked into the vacuum cleaner is kept inside by the filter.
  • Germs and contaminants are killed because of the dry environment of the filter they are trapped in.
  • Suction and dirt handling ability of the vacuum are made efficient by the filter.
  • The indoor air quality, as well as your quality of life is improved by the filter.

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