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In 1955, Emer Inc. was founded in Monza, Italy, which is most known today for the Grand Prix motor racing circuit it houses, the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. Emer quickly became a primary producer of high quality floor polishing products after its inception in 1955. After the 1970s began, Emer expanded its product line and included a variety of innovative floor products. Included in this new product line were canisters, power nozzles, drum cleaner, E-ZEE cleaners and uprights. The addition of these products to their product line eventually catapulted Emer to a full line manufacturer in Europe.

The Emer floor care product line features ergonomic handles that reduce hand and arm fatigue. They are designed for long-term usage, and because of this are built with quality materials. Emers are made to be durable and have high performance levels.

The Disegno Italiano line of Emer vacuum cleaners are all named after great Italian artists. They pay homage to these men of science who elevated and brought the essence of the Italian culture to the world through their brilliance and collective contributions.  The Emer Leonardo 9020310U and Emer Michelangelo 9020210U are very versatile wet/dry vacuum cleaners. This is appropriate since the artists they were named after were considered Renaissance men, having many talents and contributing much to Italian culture. Rounding out the trinity of cleaning instruments is Raphael. He is considered the third part of this group of Renaissance artists. The Emer Raffaello 907000U is great on its own, but excellent when used in conjunction with the Leonardo and Michelangelo.

The Emer Botticelli 905000U canister vacuum is one of the strongest in its class, yet very quiet. Being very quiet, it's probably hard to notice, which is similar to its namesake, Botticelli. Botticelli was one of the greatest painters in the Renaissance period but his work wasn't noticed until after he had passed away. The Emer Donatello Plus 908013-1U vertical has a micro filter that traps 99% of airborne particles. Donatello the sculptor was known for the intricacies in his works. For these two Donatellos, the proof is in the details. Last, but not least, the Emer Giotto detailer is a breakthrough in the vacuuming industry. It is meant to be used in a variety of locations for a variety of jobs. Giotto, the artist was a huge breakthrough as well. He is heralded for beginning the entire Renaissance period of art.

The Disegno Italiano products are Emer's way of launching into the American market. They are an innovative way to bring quality Italian workmanship into American homes. When something bears the "Made in Italy" stamp, it connotates creativity, competence, experience and a passion for detail. Emer's dry commercial vacuums are equipped with powerful motors and large capacities. The wet vacuums are ideal for water spills in larger areas of your home like the garage and basement. Emer's line of vacuums are a great solution for dry and wet vacuum applications, offering power and flexibility at a reasonable cost. Whatever your specific need, Emer is proud to provide a solution.

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