Steam Cleaning 101 With Reliable Steam Cleaners

Top seven reasons for steam cleaning

1 - Chemical-Free Cleaning

The only ingredient needed to use a steam cleaner is tap water. Cleaning your home or car has never been easier or more environmentally friendly. Not only do you eliminate chemical residues in your home making it safer but you also help the environment by reducing the amount of chemicals going down the drain and into our rivers oceans and water supply.

2 - A Whole New Level of Clean

You still need to put in the usual amount of effort into cleaning with steam, however, the results you get are far superior than that of the conventional sponge and solvent method. Steam deodorizes and sanitizes using moisture and heat. Debris is swiftly removed thoroughly, leaving a non toxic sparkle, making your job easier. From the bathroom sink, to the kitchen floor, there are attachments for every cleaning job. You may find yourself cleaning things you haven't cleaned in ages.

3 - Spend Less on Cleaning

What scent would you prefer? Lemon, pine or nothing at all. Throw away your old glass sparkler, floor polisher, mold buster and oven cleaner. You'll never need those sweaty yellow gloves to protect your hands from harsh solvents. Having a steam cleaner in your home means owning the most natural and ecologically friendly cleaning product for all your cleaning needs. Now wonder what you will do with all that extra cash? And that space under the sink...

4 - Hunt Down and Eliminate the Trickiest, Nastiest Culprits

Mildew, viruses, bacteria and mold may not be easily detected, but these hazardous pathogens can easily cause irritations, allergies and even infections. When you use your steam cleaner, the tiny hot vapor molecules move expand the pores of the surface you're cleaning and force dirt, bacteria and debris to the surface. These vapor molecules are so hot, they can extract pathogens like Salmonella and E. Coli, and kill them too. Say ''Adios'' to allergies

5 - Kills and Controls Allergens Like Dust Mites

Asthma, which is on the rise among children, can possibly be prevented by using a steam cleaner. On a golden afternoon, you might find yourself watching little specks float in the beam of sunshine from the window. Did you know that those specks are some of the most prolific triggers of allergies in the home. They are the waste matter of dust mites, which are second only to pollen in causing allergic reactions. Regularly using a steam cleaner will help remove these microscopic pests for good, keeping everyone in your home feeling a little bit healthier.

6 - Kids and Toys

Babies are our most cherished persons, inside them they hold our future, so let's keep them as healthy as we can. All babies deserve a chemical-free, sparkling clean sanctuary, not a germ-ridden, malodorous nursery. Toys, especially when shared with other children are cleverly disguised and notorious germ traps. Steam cleaning will kill any unwanted guests after a play date filled with runny noses and sneezes.

7 - A Pet Lover's New Best Friend

The only cleaner that will kill fleas, their eggs and larva with no harsh chemicals is the steam cleaner. Steam cleaners are a 100% natural and environmentally friendly way to keep your home from smelling like your pet. You won't ever have to hold your breath to walk by your cat's litter box. Sanitize things like bird cages, aquariums and dog beds, because your pets deserve to be clean and healthy too.

Why should I use steam instead of my usual cleaning products?

Steam has the ability to restore browned tile and grout, remove baked-on grease in your oven or barbecue and reach those grimy out of reach spots that most people shudder at the thought of. More about steam power later, here are some health reasons you should know about.

Let us compare the use of solvents around the home, to the use of skin care products for infants. It is easily said that we would not put anything toxic or indigestible in baby's skin. Now think about all the surfaces you clean with harsh chemicals. Now think of how often baby's sensitive skin comes in contact with those surfaces. Would you rather have your baby come in contact with hazardous chemicals, or just pure, clean H2O?

New and Improved? Forget about it!

Have you ever stood, transfixed in the cleaning aisle, wondering which "New and Improved" bottle of toxins will be the best for a certain cleaning job? Well, you'll never need to wonder again. No more powders, no more floor cleaners, no more creams, just pure hot steam. Think of your shopping list shrinking while you clean all the surfaces in your home with the power of steam, the cleanest, most natural way to clean. After buying a Reliable steam cleaner, the only accessory you will need is tap water.

Where do those chemicals go?

Lets say no to drugs in our water. Chemicals used in cleaning products usually end up get washed down the drain, unfortunately they end up in places like our water supply. Environmentalists estimate that an average household's cleaning products can cause eye, nose and lung irritation, as well as rashes, headaches, nausea, asthma, and, in some cases, cancer. Be safe and clean with steam.

Dust mites: what you don't see can hurt you.

Everyone loves a soft, cushy bed at the end of a long day. But, did you know that dust mites, the irritating cousins of the tick and spider, are quite at home in your mattress, quilts, pillows. In these soft, fluffy environments, dust mites feed on flakes of dead skin shed from humans and animals. These bed bugs then leave their waste matter behind - a major allergen and asthma trigger. The average bed can be infested with millions of mites, but what does all this have to do with steam cleaning? Well, the same way steam kills fleas, steam will obliterate the dust mites camped out in your mattress. Regular steam cleaning and vacuuming is sure to make a significant difference in the your home's air quality and your family's health.

It sounds like a complicated machine. Is it easy to use?

The basics of the Reliable Steam Cleaner are so easy to understand that you'll find cleaning with steam as easy as using a vacuum cleaner. This is how it works: ordinary tap water is poured into the 18/10 stainless steel boiler tank. The turn of a dial pressurizes and heats the boiler tank for about 7-12 minutes, depending on the unit. When the water reaches a temperature somewhere between 302 and 320° F you're ready to clean. With 11 attachments to chose from, you can steam and scrub things from enamel sinks to car wheel rims.

What about versatility?

There is pretty much nothing in your home that a steam cleaner cannot tackle. Steam clean the following without added fumes and without exposure of chemicals to you and your family:

Your steam cleaner can clean pretty much anything in your home, and it can clean them without having to expose yourself and your family to harsh fumes and chemicals. Here's just a few examples

  • children's toys
  • stuffed animals
  • mattresses
  • blinds (non-fabric)
  • tile floors
  • sealed hardwood floors
  • grout car wheel rims
  • upholstery
  • bbq grills
  • pet area
  • carpets
  • work-out rooms
  • sinks
  • bathtubs
  • shower floors
  • fridges
  • freezers
  • radiators
  • car interiors
  • pillows
  • ovens
  • stove-tops
  • windows
  • mirrors
  • toilet bowls

How long will my Reliable Steam Cleaner last?

Constructed with only the best materials, our steam cleaner is designed to last for years. This is not a disposable cleaning tool! Other units have aluminum water tanks that tend to oxidize, compromising the integrity of the tank but we've used stainless steel for our tanks that will not pit or weaken, plus we guarantee your steamer for one year and the tank for three years. There's a reason we call ourselves Reliable™.

Made out of the best materials, Reliable steam cleaners are designed for years of use. This is not your run of the mill cleaning tool. Some similar units have aluminum water tanks that tend to oxidize, eventually leading to the demise of the entire cleaning tool. Reliable water tanks are made of 18/10 stainless steel that does not pit or weaken. In addition, Reliable guarantees your steam cleaner for one year, and the tank for three. There's only one reason they're called Reliable.

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