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No longer do you have to subject your pets, family, carpet or furniture to heavy duty chemicals when fighting the ongoing war against those annoying pests known as Ctenocephalides felis, or common household fleas. Recent scientific studies have shown that by merely vacuuming, fleas in all stages of their lives can be eliminated anywhere between 96 to100 percent.

Many people, including scientists, found those numbers too good to be true. In fact, it lead one Ohio State University insect professor to repeat the experiment multiple times to check and double check the results. It turns out that the findings were correct and the results were as astounding as they sounded.

The lead researcher came to these results after looking at a variety of issues. They examined vacuum bags in case they were toxic and it was them that was killing them. They also exposed fleas to constantly churning air in separate to tests to try to discern the actual causes of flea death. What was discovered was that it was a combination effect of the brushes, fans and powerful air currents that eventually did the annoying insects in. While they only used an upright vacuum, researchers stand firm that vacuum design has little impact on the results. Associate Professor Glen Needham states that, "No matter what vacuum a flea gets sucked into, its probably a one way trip."

Theorists feel that the process begins when the vacuum brushes rapidly wear away the cuticle, a waxy out layer found on most insects that help them stay hydrated. Minus this protection, adult fleas, larvae and pupae have a tendency to die of dehydration. While often seen as a just a mediocre household tip, vacuuming fleas have now been proven to work quickly quietly and effectively.

The lead researcher went ahead and tested his results with ages at all levels of their age. Fleas have multiple life stage, while adult fleas mate and feed off of their initial host animal, females lay eggs on the floor, furniture bedding. After about fourteen days these insects then go three larval stages before they reach the adult stage. The study uses 100 adult fleas at a time, as well as groups of 50 for each of their other stages of life. Six of the tests done on adult fleas had a 96 percent kill rate while, three tests of the fleas in pupae and one in larvae form resulted in 100 percent kill.

These numbers are very significant, especially considering that merely holding a flea in a vacuum bag killed only 5 percent of them and only 3 percent died in circulating air. In recent years more and more chemical compounds have been discovered for quick and efficient flea control and extermination, yet the results of this study lets many breathe a sigh of relief as they consumers no longer have to rely on chemicals or toxins and instead have a simple, easy and efficient way to physically remove them.

This is especially reassuring as effectiveness of insecticides has been shown to diminish as time goes on and insects develop a strong immunity to the chemicals. Needham is looking to the future for more and more nontoxic ways to solve the ongoing flea problem. He feels the next step would be exposure to UV light as an adequate way to reduce or eliminate the flea problem.

While researchers have stated that they feel that you can reach these results with almost any kind of vacuum, we have some suggestions that have been proven to be powerful, user friendly and most importantly efficient at getting your carpet looking great, fleas and all.


Flea Handheld Vacuum

Dirt Devil 08220 Scorpion Quick Flip Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

For a hand held vacuum to help eliminate fleas from furniture or upholstery, try looking at the light weight and powerful Dirt Devil 08220 Scorpion Quick Flip Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. Equipped with a variety of tools this portable cleaner picks up messes that other vacuums it size leave behind. It features a 7 amp motor that produces 840 watts of power.

There is a quick flip crevice tool to help reach those hard to get places and its 16 foot power cord gives you plenty of room to maneuver without having to worry about finding another plug. There is also a hose, dusting brush and shoulder strap so that you can be prepared for any cleaning or in this case flea situation. Best of all the 08220 Scorpion Quick Flip is bagless, so you never have to worry about constantly buying bags.

Flea Bagless Vacuum

Hoover U5269900 EmPower Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover's U5269900 EmPower bagless upright vacuum cleaner is a quiet, upright vacuum that comes fully assembled right out of the box and just so happens to be a flea's worst enemy. It has a 12 amp motor with a 15 inch wide path that sweeps up dirt and fleas with easy. At only 15.5 pounds this vacuum is ideal to tackle stair and furniture as well. Plus, it is extremely quiet because of its hush mode.

The U5269900 has a HEPA filter to allow asthma and allergy sufferers to breathe easier. It comes with a pet hair tool to help make pet hair disappear. There are five height settings and a power burst that can handle even the thickest of carpets so that those fleas will have no where to hide. This vacuum handles like a dream and has plenty of other tools and options to help tackle a wide variety of cleaning situations.

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