Lightweight, Ergonomic Vacuums

For some of you, the idea of lugging a 20 pound. vacuum is not exactly ideal. As we age our muscles deteriorate, and at times even the young may suffer from juvenile arthritis. Cleaning can become a real chore when your wrists, back, hands, or a combination thereof are in pain. Also, operating a heavy vacuum is simply not comfortable if you can relieve tension and fatigue with a lighter vacuum cleaner.

Arthritis Info


Lightweight vacuums are great solutions for persons suffering from arthritis, especially in the hands and back. The act of vacuuming uses a multitude of muscles and can become painful for those with moderate to extreme pain. Arthritis is usually described as an uncomfortable pain in a joint, such as those in one's hands. It can be a result of trauma to the join, infection, or age.

Rehab Info


For athletes or individuals going through rehabilitation and recovery, lightweight vacuums can ease one's body back into the daily habits of life. One should never strain a muscle while training it back to health, and carrying around a heavy vacuum is an unnecessary chore. Lightweight vacuums are designed to provide the same cleaning power as uprights without the physical strain.

Upright Models

Upright vacuums are typically heavier than other class vacuums, but a select few are built under 20 lbs. They are excellent for all-over cleaning but have difficulty cleaning those hard-to-reach areas such as deeper corners and carpeted stairs. They typically have a great variety of accessories to help you with your cleaning jobs, but are often unnecessarily heavy.

Stick Models

Convenient and lightweight, they are best used for light vacuuming. They're usually inexpensive and excellent for day-to-day cleanups. They usually come with the same attachments seen on their upright counterparts, but do not operate with the same power.

Canister Models

Lighter than uprights, and usually much more mobile, canister vacuum cleaners can be rolled on the floor and simply carried on a shoulder. This might prove to feel like an oversized backpack for some consumers, but the lightweight manner of these vacuums allow flexibility and versatility that other vacuums may lack.

Handheld Models

The ultimate lightweight vacuum, however may be unrealistic when needing to vacuum all the carpet in one's home. Hand vacuums are excellent for cleaning small spills, like the stick models, however require bending over and stressing the back. Handheld models also lack the same power as their canister, stick, and upright counterparts.

Suggested Products

Below in this table are the latest models of lightweight vacuums their weight as well as vacuum class. If you are not familiar with the different classes of vacuums, please refer to this comprehensive vacuum guide. For shopping or a general idea of pricing, I've also labeled the vacuums in ranges according to their retail price.

$ = $100 and below

$$ = $101-200

$$$ = $201-300

$$$$ = $301+

Vacuum Price Range Vacuum Class Weight
Eureka 4700D Maxima $ Upright 14 lbs.
SEBO 9570AM X4 $$$$ Upright 16.7 lbs.
Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite $ Canister 8.2 lbs.
Sebo 9678AM Air Belt K2 Volcano $$$$ Canister 9.5 lbs.
Bissell 31063 Featherweight $ Stick 6 lbs.
Hoover BH50010 LiNX Platinum $$ Stick 7.2 lbs.
Dirt Devil 0105 $ Handheld 7.13 lbs.
Dirt Devil 0914 Extreme Power $ Handheld 3.15 lbs.

Tips to Adjust and Be Comfortable

These tips do not apply to everyone, but can be of help for those who may need precautions. Following these suggestions may make your cleaning experience even more comfortable and pleasant with your lightweight vacuum than ever before.

  • Vacuum during a warmer day. Your joints will not be tight or constricted as if you cleaned in a colder atmosphere.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Be well-hydrated in the event that you must sit or lay down.
  • Take aspirin or ibuprofen 10 minutes before engaging in strenuous cleaning.
  • If your vacuum is cordless, make sure it is charged properly and charged to its full capacity.
  • If you can, stretch your muscles for at least 10 minutes before cleaning.
  • Have several heating packs ready to relieve your back if you become sore.
  • Vacuum with a back brace for support.

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