Clean Your Whole House for Under $60!

You don't need to spend a fortune to get your house clean, or hire a maid or two. All it takes is simple determination and careful planning! Sometimes, all your necessary implements are right there to clean your home, however...if you would like spend money on something that will tremendously help you, you might want to consider a canister vacuum.

Canister Vacuums, Why?

Canister vacuums are excellent tools that provide plenty of cleaning options around the home. Not only can they pick up dirt and debris from the carpet, but they can also reach into upholstery and other fabrics with ease. They are easier to push than uprights and can reach places that uprights would have trouble cleaning, such as stairs or deep crevices in your closet. The manner of a canister vacuum is simple and it is typically flexible enough to use all throughout the home.

No Carpet, No Problem!

Canister vacuums can still suck up debris and dirt from hardwood or solid surfaces. Home owners with cats may see that their precious Persian might have kicked out too much dust and litter. Or you might have just spilled a lot of cereal on the kitchen counter. Perhaps your drapes need serious dusting but you don't want to spread the dirt all over the place. Upright vacuums and other implements may not be able to have the range or reach of a canister, and cleaning can be easier with a canister vacuum!

Great Mobility

Canister vacuums are very maneuverable and are typically lightweight. Some models can be slung over the shoulder and used like a backpack vacuum, allowing you to vacuum on the stairs or in places where space is limited. Upright vacuums may be easier to vacuum whole ranges of carpet, however their vacuum heads are typically not much bigger from vacuum heads on a canister vacuum. Canister vacuums also have flexible hoses which can reach and bend around where other vacuums cannot.

What to Look For

Canister vacuums have an array of specifications. Many consumers search for suction control and onboard tools to help clean the whole home. Some models offer blowing functions that can be used outdoors to blow away leaves or other light obstructions like spilt glitter or ash. Some vacuums also offer HEPA filtration, which ensures that your home is free from particles that may cause illness. Although canister vacuums may need dust bags, others may use a cyclonic action suction system that allows it to be bagless. Consider these options when you are purchasing your canister vacuum. If you are not sure of what to check for in a vacuum, this comprehensive vacuum guide can help you make an educated decision on which canister vacuum may be best for you.

Suggested Products

The following is a list of products based on availability and pricing, and most importantly, quality! Here at Vacuum Home we carry only the finest products to ensure that your cleaning experience is the best it can be.

$ = Under $100

$$ = $100-$200

Price Model Brief Description
$ Eureka 972B Maxima This a cost-effective canister vacuum that would be great for first-time canister vacuum users. It features onboard tool storage and automatic cord rewinding so that power cords are neatly spun away.
$ Eureka 3670G Boss Mighty Mite For a little bit more, you can have a product that can swivel 360 degrees and runs on a 12 amp motor. It also includes a blower port.
$$ Dirt Devil 082660 Vision A highly rated product, the Vision includes a HEPA filter that cleans out 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or bigger, which is 1/100 of a human hair strand!
$$ Eureka 6833B Boss This vacuum has a motorized power nozzle that is great for carpets as well as bare surfaces. It also features an allergen micron filter to help reduce symptoms of allergies.

Taking Care of Your Canister Vacuum

After purchasing and using your canister vacuum, maintaining and cleaning it will ensure that it will last many years. Turn it off before you pull the vacuum's plug. Don't leave your vacuum on unnecessarily. Periodically check its beater brush and filters, as well as its hoses. A stick offers a simple solution to clean out its hose if there are any obstructions. And always remember to replace your dust bag or empty your dust cup when it is at full capacity for optimal performance.

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