Will a HEPA Vacuum Help My Allergies?

A HEPA Vacuum is an Investment in Your Health

Many of us suffer from the daily hassle of allergies. For some, this includes an annoying sneeze or two, but for others this can trigger a life threatening event. Let me tell you why I love myHEPAHEPA Investment vacuum.

Some years ago I had a nasty experience with an over-stuffed bagged vacuum while cat-sitting for a friend. I already had my own pets - now I had two cats in the mix!

The cats made my eyes water and triggered a parade of sneezes, but I thought that was the worst of it. I was wrong. While vacuuming up kitty litter the unit became plugged from the influx of animal dander, fur, and of course, litter. The entire machine back-fired, causing a burst of litter and cat allergens to cover me in a mini mushroom cloud.

The result? A pricy ride in an ambulance and overnight stay in the emergency room. Needless to say, it wasn't a relaxing visit to the Hilton, although it cost as much!

Invest in a HEPA Vacuum for Life

After this valuable lesson I never again risked cleaning with any other vacuum than a HEPA vacuum cleaner. And neither should you. Not only should you invest in a HEPA vacuum for life, it could actually save yours! Terrifying episodes can occur at any time and when you least expect it. Being prepared does not just refer to keeping a first aid kit in your medicine cabinet or a backup generator in the garage. You can take daily action against harmful airborne and settled irritants. Plus, it's so easy to do so!

The HEPA vacuum is not just hype, it has actual science backing its claims. Let's take a look.

What Makes a HEPA Vacuum Special?

A HEPA vacuum, or High Efficiency Particulate Air vacuum, has a single core difference to other motorized cleaners. This difference lies within the filter. So, to be more precise, when you purchase a HEPA vacuum you are actually looking to purchase a HEPA filter. Constructed of tightly interwoven fibers, such as fiberglass, they trip tiny airborne and settled irritants that simply pass through other vacuums.

A true HEPA filter will capture 99.97-percent of these allergens down to 0.3 microns and incredibly efficient without clogging or becoming inundated to the point they backfire. They have superb engineering and hermetically tight seals toHEPA Cordless ensure that these microscopic particles do not escape. In addition, HEPA vacuums requires more suction power than other types, thus you'll receive an impressively strong appliance that is equally as trustworthy picking up dirt and debris!

Allergens a HEPA Vacuum Can Capture

The HEPA vacuum has a system designed to suction and capture a wide range of particle allergens. The most common of these include ordinary dust, dust mites, human hair and dander, mold spores, bacteria, animal fur and dander, ultra-fine particles, viruses, and general indoor air pollution.  And that's not even including gaseous air quality issues! A HEPA vacuum is useful in any-sized household, as you can see.

Who Buys a HEPA Vacuum and Why?

Many people have learned the value of a HEPA vacuum cleaner and they often come from a wide spectrum of paths. Overall, the majority are people who suffer from heath problems. Many of these issues include common allergies, asthma sufferers, or people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, cancer, lung disease, heart disease, and other serious illnesses. On the other hand, about half who purchase a HEPA vacuum are simply people wanting to be ahead of the curve or who hold health concerns.

Do you need to have a diagnosed illness to really invest in a HEPA vacuum? Not at all. In fact, there are many instances where undefined issues can be remedied with HEPA vacuum filtration - lethargy, breathing issues, a lack of sleep and eye, ear, nose, or skin irritations. Using a HEPA vacuum in the home will not completely rid all allergens from your home, but will greatly reduce them and bring relief.

Quality in a HEPA Vacuum

 A HEPA vacuum is only as good as its engineering and installation by the manufacturer, so you want to be sure you purchase from a trustworthy brand. As noted above, the strength of the filter weave, the installation, the strength of theHEPA Corded seal, and suction power are all very important and do vary by price.

As they say, "You get what you pay for." Of course, by purchasing a quality appliance the first time around you'll also save time, money, and energy with repairs, replacements, and electricity bills in the long run.

The upfront cost of a HEPA vacuum (plus HEPA filter replacements) will be more, but the results will be well worth the money. You'll quickly discover that you've removed more allergens and irritants, faster and better, than with any other vacuum cleaning method around. We spend over 85-percent of our lives indoors, so having a HEPA vacuum to keep your home healthy is extremely relevant to daily life.

So don't wait, invest in your health today with aHEPA vacuum!


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