Koblenz 45-0503-8 Floor Machine Pad Driver


45-0503-8 Koblenz 16 Inch Floor Machine Pad Driver Fits Any 17 Inch Koblenz Industrial Floor Machine

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The Koblenz 45-0503-8 is a 16 inch pad driver. It is to be used with Koblenz Floor Machines.

Pad drivers lock onto the floor machines utilizing an appropriate clutch plate. It's purpose is to hold the pads in place during operation.

Pad drivers should be sized one inch smaller than the machine diameter to work effectively. Floor machine is not included. For a 16 inch pad driver, try the Koblenz 45-0503-8!


  • Model: 45-0503-8
  • Product Type: Floor Machine Pad Driver
  • Application: Ideal for holding the pad in place during operation
  • Product Type: Vacuum Tool(s)
  • Includes: 16" Pad driver
  • Amount Included: 1
  • Compatible With (Manufacturer's Part Number): Koblenz floor machines
  • Additional Information: Floor machine should be at least 17 in.


  • Holds pads in place during operation.
  • Is sixteen inches in diameter.
  • Locks onto floor machine utilizing appropriate clutch plate.
  • Must be at least one inch smaller than the pad to fit under buffing machine.
  • Pad drivers attach pads onto floor machines.

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