Koblenz 46-2940-8 Outer Cloth Bag


46-2940-8 Koblenz Vacuum Cleaner Bag Another Layer of Protection

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The Koblenz 46-2940-8 cloth outer bag is essential on a vacuum that uses disposable paper vacuum bags. The disposable paper bag is placed inside of the cloth outer bag.

The outer bag protects the dirt and dust that is sitting in the inner bag from escaping to into the air. It also protects the inner bag from being punctured or otherwise damaged. There is a zipper so you can rest assured that the debris is staying inside the bag. If the bag gets damaged for any reason, you can replace it easily because it is inexpensive.

These cloth outer bags are meant to be used with the Koblenz models U-75, U-110ZN, U-310ZN, U-510ZN and U-610ZN.The Koblenz 46-2940-8 comes with one cloth outer bag. Vacuum not included.


  • Model: 46-2940-8
  • Product Type: Outer Cloth Bag
  • Application: Replacement cloth bag protects the disposable bag from being punctured
  • Product Type: Replacement Filter
  • Includes: Outer layer vacuum bag
  • Construction: Cloth
  • Amount Included: 1
  • Compatible With (Manufacturer's Part Number): Koblenz U-75, U-110ZN, U-310ZN, U-510ZN, U-610ZN


  • Meant to be used with Koblenz models U-75, U-110ZN, U-310ZN, U-510ZN, U-610ZN.
  • Not expensive, so if it needs to be replaced you can do so easily.
  • Protects the disposable bag from being punctured and catches any errant debris.
  • This bag has a zipper so you can avoid contact with the dust inside the disposable bag.
  • You get an extra layer of protection from dirt and debris with this cloth outer bag.

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