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Koblenz is a global manufacturer of home and commercial floor care products, voltage regulators, battery backups and washers. Koblenz has a long history that begins on July 15, 1959 when it was founded. Back then Koblenz only manufactured voltage regulators, motors and pumps. It wasn't until the 1960s that Koblenz added vacuum cleaners and shampooers/polishers to the product line.

Right after adding vacuums to their product line, Koblenz started designing innovative vacuums. In 1961, Koblenz's first vacuum cleaner was introduced. It has an all-metal chassis and a single stage motor. This vacuum and other Koblenz products were presented to foreign markets. They became a success because of the ruggedness and durability of the product design.

In 1968, Koblenz's first line of Rug Shampooers and Floor polishers was introduced, rounding out their line of floor care products. Their product line was further expanded with the addition of washing machines in 1972. Koblenz is determined to satisfy their customers' needs around the world, so in 1998 a Total Floor Care System was introduced.

Koblenz has grown into a competitive country, with over 2000 full time employees which include a complete engineering staff. They house their staff in state of the art test labs and prototype facilities. Koblenz's main manufacturing plant is over 300,000 square feet. The company expanded even further in the Fall of 2000 when Koblenz acquired Hoover's Mexican operation. This added 10,000 square feet to Koblenz's manufacturing plant.

For forty years, Koblenz has been designing high quality floor care products that are meant to solve consumer needs in the home and commercial fields.

The Koblenz KC-1500S Maxima canister vacuum cleaner is a great alternative to an upright vacuum cleaner because of the variety of features it offers. As well as being durable because of its high impact ABS housing, the Koblenz KC-1500S runs on a powerful 1300 watts and 10 amps. It also comes with a handy air blower that allows you to fill inflatable pools and balloons with air.

The versatile Koblenz WD-900K wet/dry vacuum cleaner can pick up wet as well as dry spills. To aid the performance of these two actions, the Koblenz WD-900K is equipped with an air blower for cleaning dust and dirt from hard surfaces like sidewalks, and a floor tool with a squeegee to direct dirty liquids in the direction you want them to go.

Also a part of the Koblenz product line is the P-4000 Cleaning Machine floor vacuum cleaner. This cleaner is great for pre-cleaning set-in stains. It is lightweight and compact for easy storage on-site so it is always available for heavy-duty stains.

The Koblenz U-75 Endurance commercial upright vacuum cleaner operates quietly for a commercial vacuum cleaner. It has a decibel rating of only 67.4 dB. It is also very durable because of the polycarbonate chassis and ABS cover hood.

Finally, the Koblenz B-1500DC Electric Ultra commercial high speed burnisher offers fast burnishing with less effort. The operation id smoothly balanced because of the full pad contact. There are also stair climber wheels and a special handle that is designed for easier storage.

Koblenz currently sells to over twenty seven countries around the world. The world recognizes that when you purchase a Koblenz product, you are purchasing something crafted to be safe, durable and dependable. Those features are appreciated internationally.

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