Love-less Ash 13001 Wet/Dry Dustless Vacuum Filter Package


Loveless Ash 13001 Wet/Dry Dustless Vacuum Filter Package Captures Particles Down To .5 Microns

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Wet/dry vacuums are great for when you need to vacuum wet and dry debris. Sometimes they can cause more problems than they solve. The filter system used inside of Love-less Ash's wet/dry vacuum is meant to get rid of any problems caused by other wet/dry vacuum cleaners. The Love-less Ash 13001 wet/dry dustless vacuum filter package comprises the patented dustless dual filter system.

The 13001 patented dustless dual filter system captures dust particles down to .5 microns. This is almost as efficient as a HEPA filter which captures down to .3 microns. If the suction is failing because the filter is dirty, you can shake the steel rod to clean it. If that doesn't work, these filters are also machine washable. The Love-less Ash 13001 filters are made to last for many years, but it's always wise to have a replacement on hand!


  • Model: 13001
  • Product Type: Wet/Dry Dustless Vacuum Filter Package
  • Application: Wet/Dry Dustless filters are machine washable and capture particles down to .5 microns
  • Product Type: Replacement Filter
  • Reusable Filter: Yes
  • Compatible With (Manufacturer's Part Number): 16003


  • Able to be washed in the washing machine
  • Captures particles as small as .5 microns
  • Includes one primary and one secondary filter
  • Makes up the patented dustless dual filter system
  • No more buying expensive paper filters
  • Typically lasts for many years

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