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For many people, family is the most important thing in their life. They are the people you turn to in times of need. The only people you want to protect at any cost. Miele, the manufacturer of high quality domestic appliances and machines for commercial applications, understands the importance of family. They understand it so well that they've been a family-owned and family run company for as long as they've been in existence.

Miele was founded in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann. The company is based in Gutersloh, Germany. The first products manufactured were a cream separator, butter churn and tub washing machine under the Meteor brand. In 1927, Miele started producing vacuum cleaners.

In 1983, Miele expanded into the United States. The corporate headquarters found a home in Somerset, New Jersey. Miele built up a national network of elite sales and service dealerships that work closely with them. In light of their focus on quality, Miele is very selective when it comes to granting dealerships. Every Miele dealer is thoroughly trained so you can rest assured that you will receive expert advice.

In 1999, Miele relocated its United States corporate headquarters to Princeton, New Jersey; the home of Princeton University. Princeton University is one of the eight schools that make up the Ivy League, a term that has connotations of academic excellence and selectivity in admissions. It seems appropriate that these two institutions focused on quality and excellence reside in the same city.

Miele is the only premium brand of household appliances that is represented on five continents. They produce laundry appliances, dishwashers, rotary irons, built-in convection, steam and speed ovens, hobs, cooker hoods, and coffee systems as well as vacuum cleaners. Their products are manufactured all over the world in countries like Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and China. These products are of the highest standards in terms of quality materials and craftsmanship, durability and reliability.

Of great importance to Miele is environmental responsibility. They strive to manufacturer products that not only demonstrate a high level of performance, efficiency and safety, but also do not place an extra amount of burden on the environment. To ensure this, all Miele appliances are designed to last at least 20 years. Before the public is able to purchase a Miele product, it has to undergo a 10,000 hour endurance test. Miele appliances also conserve energy, which is easy on the environment and also on your wallet.

In 2007, the award for the most successful company in Germany was given to Miele. This means Miele beat out worldwide juggernauts like Google and Porsche which came in second and third respectively. One of the reasons Miele has been so successful is a vacuum cleaner like the Miele S5580 Aquarius Canister. Features like sealed system construction and five height adjustments make this vacuum cleaner stand out from the rest. Another reason is the fact that it has been run and owned by the same family for four generations. This means the same vision of quality without compromise has been the backbone of Miele since 1899. Miele brings you the best products complete with German engineering, the finest materials, and the latest and most advanced manufacturing technology. No wonder the company motto is "Immer Besser" which translates to "Forever Better." Miele appliances are always striving to be better.

Miele, anything else is a compromise.

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