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P.A. Fisker and H.M. Nielson formed a partnership in 1906 called "Fisker & Nielson".  Fisker patented a vacuum cleaner using the name Nilfisk, and that is how Nilfisk Advance began. When building their company from scratch, Fisker and Nielson knew that organizing the export market was going to be a crucial step. They finished organizing in 1911 and exporting accounted for half of their total production that year. In 1914, the first foreign sales office was opened.

When World World I began, Nilfisk had to diversify their product line. The Nimbus motorcycle was launched. While recovering from the after effects of the war, Nilfisk decided to launch a new vacuum in 1922. This vacuum was available via a payment by installment program. This was a huge success and sales rose by over 300% compared to the previous year. This meant that people in the middle class could afford a vacuum cleaner for the first time.

Throughout the years Nilfisk product began to be sold globally and sales continued to increase. Innovations in the vacuum industry were introduced by the company, including an almost silent vacuum in 1932 and a wet vacuum cleaner in 1962. During the nineties, a series of acquisitions began, starting with Advance Machine Company in Minneapolis. This shifted Nilfisk-Advances strategy from just manufacturing vacuum cleaners to the entire field of floor care appliances. In 1998, Nilfisk acquired Euroclean/Kent from the Swedish Electrolux group. Nilfisk-Advance strengthened its range of industrial vacuum cleaners with the acquisition of CFM in 2000. ALTO and Ecologica joined the Nilfisk-Advance group in 2004 adding high pressure cleaners and industrial sweepers to the product line.

Here are some of the vacuum cleaners featured in Nilfisk-Advance's wide range of products:

The Nilfisk Advance CaniStar Commercial canister vacuum cleaner is one of the most maneuverable vacuum cleaners in its class. Even though most canister vacuum cleaners on the market have subpar suction strength, the Nilfisk Advance CaniStar provides truly remarkable suction with a 1100 watt, 1.5 hp motor. This suction power combined with a slim-lined design and swivel wheels make this canister vacuum cleaner perfect for high traffic areas.

The Nilfisk Advance ReliaVac 16HP upright vacuum cleaner is a reliable and inexpensive vacuum cleaner. It can clean a variety of carpet pile types, features an aluminum brush roller with a 1 hp motor, and even cleans debris that other vacuums have left behind. Maintenance is a breeze because replaceable bristle strips and beater bars, as well as a removable fan cover that detects clogs are included.

The Nilfisk Advance CarpeTwin 14 commercial upright vacuum cleaner meets the high performance and durability standards of cleaning professionals. Every feature of this vacuum cleaner goes above and beyond starting with the forty-one foot line power cable and the five-stage, hospital-grade filtration system. Even though the CarpeTwin 14 has larger than life features, the durable motor and brush system is incredibly quiet, giving you power that won't disturb delicate environments.

Nilfisk-Advance utilizes its wide range of floor care products to help you with any sort of cleaning dilemma you may have. After all, they are all about "setting standards."

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