Chewing it Over? Buying a Pet Hair Vacuum

Simple Tricks to Choosing the Perfect Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner!

So, you finally took the plunge and brought home the newest member of your family? Congratulations, now get Pet Hair Vacuums ready to clean up! Shedding is a natural process for a dog or cat. However, it can cause unpleasant allergies, messes, and trouble. Just imagine waking up in the morning, getting ready to leave, and discovering that your nice black slacks are covered in pet hair!  Forget about those sticky rollers, there's an easier way to keep clean.

Whether you're a new pet owner or a seasoned pro, it's never too late to invest in a good pet hair vacuum cleaner. A pet hair vacuum is a great way to clean up after your furry friend, but it can also be a necessity for homes with allergy sufferers or asthmatics.

Don't know what to look for in a pet hair vacuum cleaner? Don't worry - we're letting the cat out of the bag! For good hygiene and good health, follow these simple tricks to choosing a pet hair vacuum that's just right for you!


Anatomy of a Pet Hair Vacuum

A pet hair vacuum may not look much different from a traditional vacuum cleaner on the outside, but that's not a relevant method of choosing a cleaning appliance. What is important is hidden beneath the surface! While they may look identical, not all cleaners are created equal. Many are not suitable for pet hair at all and will soon clog up, causing you headaches and more money.

Pet hair vacuum cleaners are specifically built to withstand the challenge of picking up large debris, such as fur, while simultaneously capturing microscopic irritants like pet dander. This dual action cleaning is important to the overall health of your home and family.

The first crucial component of pet hair vacuum cleaners is the filter. No ordinary filter will be able to capture the allergens caused by your pet so you need a pet hair vacuum with a HEPA filtration system. HEPA (which stands for High Efficiency Particle Arresting) filters can remove the majority of harmful particles from your home.

Normally their effectiveness is an impressive 99.97-percent down to 0.3 microns. These include pet hair and dander, dirt, dust, mold spores, pollen, and even tiny insects - all of which your furry frienPet Hair Vacuums 2d will undoubtedly carry in from outside!

The second component is power. You'll need a pet hair vacuum with a powerful motor to effectively get your carpets fur free! Other vacuums may pick up strays, but vacuum cleaners specifically designed for pets have more powerful motors and an extraction system. Pet fur can become literally embedded in carpet fibers, so a pet hair vacuum will have a durable brushroll system to dig out particles instead of grounding them in more.

Lastly, a proper pet hair vacuum cleaner is going to include tools and attachments specifically designed for a pet home. We'll scratch the surface of this component later in the article.

Pet Hair Vacuum Types

Pet hair vacuums comes in three basic types: handheld, carpet, and hard floor pet hair vacuum cleaners. Choosing the perfect design is almost always associated with the size of your pet and the size of your home. The larger the home and pet, the bigger your pet hair vacuum should be (in order to effectively tackle the mess). Sometimes, owning more than one type is also a good investment of your time and money. Lets go over the pro's and con's of each pet hair vacuum cleaner style. Pet Hair Vacuums 3

Handheld Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners

The Good: These are usually small, compact, lightweight, and come at a great value. They are normally cordless and thus provide excellent reach and the necessary freedom to move around the house! Ideal for cleaning spaces like between couch cushions, car upholstery, your bedspread, and inside your closet or clothes. A motorized brushroll with assist with upholstery cleaning. Handheld pat hair vacuums also have easy to empty dust cups, not changeable bags, so there's no extra costs involved.

The Bad: The handheld pet hair vacuum is a great choice if you're shopping on a budget or want the convenience of a lightweight appliance, however they're really only for small jobs. For a quick fix, this is an ideal choice but just imagine trying to clean your entire house, room after room, by bending and stretching at every turn! Usually, no attachments are included. On top of that, the small dust cup, which may be easy to empty, can fill up quickly when used for pet hair and fur.

Carpet Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners

The Good: This type of pet hair vacuum is going to be great for the obvious - homes with carpet! If you've got a shedder on your hands, a carpet pet hair vacuum can really save you time, plus extra energy you can use for playing fetch! Upright carpet vacuums can hold true HEPA filters for allergen collection. They are normally very powerful, contain helpful on-board tools, and have a large capacity. Many carpet pet hair vacuum cleaners also use dust cups instead of vacuum bags!

The Bad:  These types of  vacuums can be heavy, bulky, cumbersome when trying to clean hair from staircases or bathrooms. If your bathroom is in shambles, you won't be able to reach around toilet seats in you can't fit the unit in the room! In addition, they aren't very portable to places like your car and are too powerful to suction lightweight rugs.

Hard Floor Pet Hair Vacuum CleanersPet Hair Vacuums4

The Good: Hard floor pet hair vacuum cleaners are perfect for homes with a wood, tile, or marble floors. Bare floors often collect, dirt, dust and debris faster, showing it more than carpets. These types of vacuums are versatile for every surface - from hardwood to area rugs - and even go beyond floors to upholstery and shelving. They offer great reach with a long hose and bring much more power than handheld pet hair vacuums. Ideal for staircases and routine furniture cleaning!

The Bad: They tend not to be as powerful as carpet vacuums and can also be heavier. A hard floor pet hair vacuum may come with helpful attachments, but they more likely won't be stored on-board, meaning you have to store them separately. Many use vacuum bags to contain captured debris, so you'll have to occasionally replace them.

Pet Hair Vacuum Attachments

Owning a pet hair vacuum is as crucial a tool to animal ownership as regular pet visits or chew toys! In addition, the attachments that come with the pet hair vacuum are even more important! Any animal lover will know that the little fur ball of joy is going to fur everywhere- literally everywhere! Not only the floors, but your bed, sofa, tables, dining chairs, bathroom mats, curtains, and even the car upholstery during trips to the vet.

To handle this full assault on your life, you'll need the necessary tools to fight back against fur! Pet vacuum cleaners include attachment that are specifically designed to remove pet hair and dander. Your average pet hair vacuum tools include a crevice tool for difficult corners, a motorized brushroll to lift fur from carpets, extension wand for added reach, and a turbo tool.

Pet Hair Vacuums 5For example, the Eureka pet hair vacuum has the patented Pet Power Paw turbo brush and the Dirt Devil pet hair vacuum includes a full pet kit with electrostatic dusting attachment! All of these tools are very helpful and save you time versus manually removing fur.

Best Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners

Now that you understand the ins and outs of pet hair vacuum cleaners, it's time to select the best pet hair vacuum for you! Remember to consider all the basics, like the size of your home and the size of your pet when making the decision. Also, make sure to get more bark for your buck with a generous assortment of pet hair tools!

How much does your pet shed? Do you have allergy sufferers in the house? Are your floors hardwood, carpet, or a combination of both? A pet vacuum cleaner is an essential trick of the pet-lover's trade so it's important to ask these questions. The best pet hair vacuum for your home is the one that helps your house feel fresh, healthy, and happy - for you and your four-legged friend!

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