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In 1987, ProTeam was founded by a group of seasoned cleaning professionals searching for a more productive and sustainable way to work. This made it simple to focus on worker and building occupant health. These issues are foremost in ProTeam's mind when designing every vacuum they offer.

ProTeam is the industry leader when it comes to lightweight, ergonomic backpack vacuum cleaners. Their mission is to manufacture high performance vacuum cleaners for every customer's needs or preference. They plan to bring this mission to fruition through continued research and development. As of today, eighteen different vacuum cleaner models are offered by ProTeam for their customer's cleaning applications.

The ProTeam ProVac 100729 is ideal for cleaning in food service and hospitality environments. There are no belts, beater bars or brushes to damage, so the unit is practically indestructible. It has a static-dissipating hose, a fifty foot extension cord, and two Intercept Micro Filters.

The ProTeam LineVacer HEPA/ULPA 100277 is especially designed for cleaning medical facilities, clean rooms, computer labs or other highly sensitive areas with delicate equipment. It offers clean air in a controlled environment and has benefits other cleaners in its field do not. For example, the ProTeam LineVacer HEPA/ULPA 100277 has HEPA filtration that traps 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns. It also has ULPA filtration that traps 99.999+% of particles at 0.12 microns. I can also abate asbestos and lead paint.

All of the ProTeam vacuum cleaners collect at least 99.9% of allergens one micron or larger. This high standard of filtration is called the Four Level Filtration system and only resulted after years of engineering. The way to keep your vacuum filtering at such a high level is to use genuine ProTeam filters and replace them when needed. This also improves the performance of your vacuum and protects your indoor air quality.

ProTeam has an unequaled commitment to educating people about the Green Cleaning movement. All of their backpack, canister, upright, hipstyle and HEPA vacuum cleaners meet and surpass industry standards for indoor air quality. They also increase the comfort of their users. To help them in their goal of educating people in the janitorial and sanitary industries and the people who live and work in the buildings that are cleaned, ProTeam has directly or indirectly published hundreds of articles and case studies. These writings are about indoor air quality, cleaning in schools and hospitals and tips on choosing the correct vacuum cleaner.

ProTeam has also introduced a program called Team Cleaning. This program uses ProTeam backpack vacuums in an effective and green way of cleaning that also slashes costs. Instead of one person completing all of the cleaning tasks in one areas or zone, four types of specialists concentrate in defined tasks. ProTeam also has a cleaning education program called Cleaning for health that teaches cleaning consultants and building operations managers about the benefits of backpack technology.

ProTeam the Vacuum Company makes vacuums that are designed to clean more area in less time. Their ergonomic commercial backpack vacuums, canisters, and HEPA vacuums ensure that you have the Right Tool for the Right Job.

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