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Reliable Sewing Machine Co. was founded in 1955 by Milton Kahn and Isaac Silberman. When the company first began, all of their products were previously used and second-hand. The company was housed in a garage and a basement in the home of Kahn's mother. Kahn and Isaac found success by providing for their customers' needs and having knowledge of their products.

Milton Kahn was born into a family that had serious ties to the sewing industry. His father was a tailor and he also was instrumental in organizing the Cloakmakers Union in Toronto. Kahn himself entered the industry at twenty years old. He represented manufacturers and importers of buttons, millinery, ribbons and other trimmings. He was an great salesman because he liked meeting people, knew inside information about the industry and catered to his customers' needs. These are all strengths he brought to the Reliable Sewing Machine Co.

Reliable eventually grew out of the old garage and basement and in 1966, the company made a move to downtown Toronto. In 1970, Reliable presented its first private label product to the public. It was called a RELSEW CM3-380-7 and it was a blindstitch machine. It eventually became the bestselling blindstitch machine in Canada and stayed a part of the Reliable product line for over thirty years.

In 1991, Milton Kahn passed away and his son Robert took over leadership of Reliable. The logo and corporate branding is updated and a line of professional ironing products is launched in 1999. In 2001, a professional fabric steamer line was introduced. It wasn't until 2005 that a consumer steam cleaning line was introduced. Some of the products in Reliable's line of steam cleaners are:

The Reliable T1 Steamboy Electric Floor Mop harnesses the environmentally friendly power of water to clean your home. Steam is ideal for getting rid of bacteria and microbes by sanitizing the floor while it cleans. The steam produced by the Steamboy Electric Floor Mop is instant. You just fill the removable tank with water, plug the floor mop in and start cleaning with the power of steam. This powerful steam cleaner can even clean and disinfect carpets so your whole home can experience the clean of steam.

The Reliable Enviromate T730A Steam Floor Cleaner utilizes the cleaning power of steam to clean tough stains and odors with a 1450W heating system. A Continuous Steam System makes sure you never run out of steam mid-clean. When you see the water level is getting low or the light indicates it is time just refill the water tank and keep on cleaning.

Reliable Corporation has been providing superior service and product knowledge to its customers for over fifty years now. Milton Kahn once said, "I regard myself as a simple who loves the action of this industry, and the people I meet. I'm a lucky man." Reliable's customers consider themselves lucky to be dealing with a company founded by a man with such a passion for the garment industry. His son Robert honors his father by carrying his ideals and the company into the future.

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