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Royal vacuum cleaners are a superb choice for consumers in terms of the variety the company offers in their product line. They also display a commitment to excellent quality that is rarely seen these days. Royal has a long, storied history that builds the foundation of values it still holds true to today. Royal was founded in 1905 under the name P.A. Geier Company. It is one of the world's oldest vacuum cleaner manufacturing companies. From his backyard garage in Cleveland, Ohio, Mr. Geier made metal cleaners by hand. The company eventually grew and moved to a four story building on 105th street.  In 1937, the vacuum cleaner industry's first hand-held vacuum was introduced. It was called the "Royal Prince."

In 1953, the Walter E. Schott Organization bought the P.A. Geier Company. The investment group changed the company's name to Royal Appliance Manufacturing. Sadly, the Walter E. Schott organization dissolved Royal soon after.  A group of employees led by Stan Erbor sensed a great opportunity and purchased Royal Appliance Manufacturing in 1954.

In 1955, the first household vacuum with the patented Cyclone system was built. The Cyclone technology makes your cleaning experience more thorough by increasing the suction of your vacuum cleaner. In 1969, the headquarters moved from Cleveland to Highland Heights, Ohio. Under the leadership of Stan Erbor, the company was thriving. He remained active in the company until he passed away in 1981.

After Erbor passed away, a small group of investors purchased the Royal Appliance Manufacturing Company and implemented fresh sales and marketing strategy. An aggressive advertising strategy was adopted and they began distributed their products into mass retail accounts such as Kmart and Wal-Mart. In 1984, the Dirt Devil Hand Vac was introduced. It soon became the largest selling handheld vacuum in the United States. It sold more than twenty-five million. It still remains Royal's signature product.

Dirt Devil and Royal vacuums are affiliated. After all, the company was called the Royal Appliance Manufacturing Company. The Royal line of products is distinguished by its higher quality and more upscale target consumer group. Royal vacuums are superior at picking up dirt, dust and grime from carpets and floors. They also have vacuum cleaners that work as extractors, like the Royal MRY7940 Commercial Carpet Shampooer and Extractor. They have dual revolving brushes with fingertip controls. In the Royal product line is also a backpack cleaner that has low noise level, effortlessly fits on your back and offers a thoroughly different cleaning experience.

In 2003, TTI Floor Care North America purchased the Royal Appliance Manufacturing Company. TTI stands for TechTronic Industries. This is a Hong Kong based firm that also owns other vacuum cleaner manufacturers. TTI sells power tools, outdoor power equipment, floor care appliances and solar power lighting and electronic measuring products.

The mission of Royal is to be a foremost consumer products company. They strive to discover precisely what the customer needs and solve all cleaning dilemmas with quality products. This philosophy of strong customer service partnered with quality products has enabled Royal to construct a solid brand loyalty and foster a strong sense of consumer satisfaction.

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