Sanitaire SC5815 Sealed HEPA Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Sanitaire SC5815 Sealed HEPA Upright Vacuum Cleaner With Clog Resistant Tools That Are Stored On-Board For Your Convenience

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HEPA commercial vacuum cleaner are powerful machines that can hold up under the stress of a vigorous cleaning regimen so it will last for a long time. Designed with maneuverability and efficiency in mind, these vacuums often come with a variety of features, including excellent filtration and cleaning abilities. The Sanitaire SC5815 Sealed HEPA Upright Vacuum Cleaner has a sealed HEPA system. This filtration system captures 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns. The carbon dust released by the motor is captured as well. With a sealed HEPA system you are not only cleaning your home efficiently, but you are only emitting clean air back into your home.

Several on-board clog resistant tools are also included with the Sanitaire SC5815 Sealed Upright Vacuum Cleaner. A 15 inch wide cleaning path, a forty foot power cord and a 3:1 stretch hose extend the cleaning reach of the vacuum cleaner. Some tools that help you thoroughly clean you home are included such as extension wands, a crevice wand and a dusting/upholstery brush.

This upright vacuum cleaner is uncharacteristically versatile. It has a stair handle for cleaning the hard to reach stairs in your home. A cleaner height setting is also included with the Sanitaire SC5815 which is an adjustment that raises or lowers the cleaner base to match whichever type of floor you are cleaning. Also, this upright vacuum cleaner has a disposable dust bag system so that when the bag is full, you simply release it from the vacuum cleaner and throw it awat. These bags have an incredibly large capacity of 4.5 quarts, so you won't be changing the bag often.

For great filtration, versatility, and a thoroughly clean home, choose the Sanitaire SC5815 Sealed HEPA Upright Vacuum Cleaner.


  • Model: SC5815
  • Product Type: Sealed HEPA Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Application: Ideal commercial vacuum for cleaning large spaces using a HEPA filter
  • Amps: 10 amps
  • Noise Level: 73 dB
  • Style: Upright
  • Usage: Dry Pick-Up Only
  • Brushroll/Nozzle Width: 15 Inches
  • Construction: Plastic
  • Dust Capture: Bagged
  • Motor Airflow: 135 CFM
  • Dust Capacity: 4.5 Quarts
  • Built-In Air Filtration System: Yes
  • Filtration Type: HEPA
  • Adjustable Height: Yes
  • Bumper Guard: No
  • Cord Length: 480 Inches
  • Cord Storage: Yes
  • Includes: Stretch Hose, Extension Wand, Upholstery Tool, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool


  • 4.5 quarts of dry material can be held in the disposable dust bag.
  • A 3:1 stretch hose, crevice wand, dusting/upholstery brush, and extension wands are included in the on-board tools.
  • Has an incredibly long forty foot power cord.
  • Ideal for environments like healthcare, education, food service and government.
  • On-Board tools are included for your convenience.
  • The motor runs on 10 amps of cleaning power.

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