Sequoia PBS-1125 Vacuum Cleaner Power Head


PBS-1125 Sequoia Turbo Sweep Vacuum Cleaner Power Head With Non-Marking Wheels

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The Sequoia PBS-1125 Turbo Sweep is a vacuum cleaner power head. This powerhead gets the maximum from the available air stream because it is an air-turbine tool. To maintain contact between the brush and carpeted surfaces, the innovative shoe design keeps the brush parallel to the cleaning surface throughout the sweeping stroke.

There are soft, non-marring wheels so that the powerhead can move off and on the carpet edge and the transition areas get thoroughly cleaned. You can use the Sequoia PBS-1125 Turbo Sweep on carpet with padded backing and carpet laid directly on hard floors such as an oriental rug.

The Sequoia PBS-1125 has a double swivel neck for excellent maneuverability and a built-in air relief valve so you can adjust the tool. The chevron brush pattern helps the cleaning ability moving the dirt to the middle of the brush where it is drawn away. The brushroll speed is maintained by the turbine clutch system. The positive timing belt drive makes sure the tool performs reliably. For thorough vacuuming on all types of carpeting, try the Sequoia PBS-1125 Turbo Sweep!


  • Model: PBS-1125
  • Product Type: Vacuum Cleaner Power Head
  • Application: Ideal cleaning tool for cleaning transition areas between carpet and hard floors
  • Product Type: Vacuum Tool(s)
  • Includes: Turbo Sweep Power Head
  • Amount Included: 1
  • Compatible With (Manufacturer's Part Number): Central Vacuum Systems
  • Additional Information: Soft non-marring wheels, double swivel neck


  • Built-in air relief valve so you can adjust the tool to match the vacuum and floor conditions.
  • Cross from carpet to hardwood easily with the soft, non-marring wheels.
  • Dirt is drawn to the center of the brush by the chevron brush pattern to improve cleaning ability.
  • Has a double swivel neck for excellent maneuverability.
  • Turbine clutch system moves specifically to maintain the speed of the brushroll.

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