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Founded in 1956, Sequoia Vacuum Systems, Inc offers the latest in central vacuum technology. As an early pioneer in the central vacuum industry, Sequoia still enjoys a leadership position in the greater Bay Area market. Sequoia has been operating with a reputation for high quality, top notch service and outstanding business ethics for over fifty years.

Central vacuum systems have built-in convenience. They allow you the ease and efficiency you require to clean your home of all dust and dirt. They are essentially permanent vacuums and can increase the value of a home. Unlike mobile vacuum cleaners, Sequoia vacuums do not re-circulate dirt particles back into the environment. Its cyclonic filtration carries all dirt to a central unit located in a garage, basement or utility room. You don't have to carry heavy machines up and down the stairs. It's also much easier to vacuum in tight spaces. You will not run into or damage furniture legs. Cleaning high ceilings is much easier and no power cords are tangled in the process.

With a central vacuum, all you have to do is select the correct attachment and insert the hose into one of many strategically placed outlets. Sequoia vacuums offer thorough, deep cleaning without re-circulating dust particles back into the room. Sequoias don't lose suction as the bag fills up with dirt. Anything that is vacuumed up is carried to a canister in your garage or utility room. This means you will not have to dust after cleaning which saves you time and energy.

Sequoia central vacuum systems are great for allergy sufferers as well. Pollen, dust and animal hair isn't left lingering in rooms that have just been vacuumed. Sequoia vacuums have clean air exhaust. This means all of the fine dust particles are completely contained within Sequoia's central vacuum main unit. This also means that whatever room you choose to put the collection canister in is less dusty and there is no need for an exit pipe to the outside where dust can accumulate. Even with all this dust and dirt filling up the main unit, the cleaning power stays the same. Even when the canister is almost full you are given the power you need to clean with ease. You'll only have to empty the canister once or twice a year.

There are three Sequoia units to choose from: the SV-350, SV-400 and the SV-700 which either runs on 120 volts or 240 volts. The Sequoia SV-350 is for a home that is about 5,500 square feet. It has a 10 gallon collection capacity and uses a primary paper bag filter. The Sequoia SV-400 is for a home that is about 8,500 square feet. It has a collection capacity of 8 gallons and uses cyclonic separation with a four ply spun bond non-woven composite cloth filter medium bag. The Sequoia SV-700 is for homes that are 20,000 square feet. It also uses cyclonic separation with a four ply spun bond non-woven composite cloth filter medium bag. It has a collection capacity of 12 gallons.

As well as offering the main units, Sequoia offers all the accessories and tools you could ever need. All of the components needed to install the Sequoia Central Vacuum System are offered as well. Sequoia is here to provide you with all the things you need to dirt, dust and allergy free.

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