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Shop Vac Corporation is considered the global leader in wet/dry vacuum cleaners. When it comes to innovative, high quality vacuum cleaners and accessories, you can trust Shop Vac to deliver as they have been for more than forty years. Their large product line is products for homes and shops. The accessories that are included with their vacuums help you clean and reach areas that other cleaners would not be able to reach. The Shop Vac line also includes products that are specifically designed for the industrial and commercial sector. These products help that sector meet needs that are heavy duty and professional.

Some of their most popular models are:

Industrial Economy- The Shop Vac 8500110 wet/dry vacuum offers industrial power on a lightweight budget. These Shop Vac models have epoxy-coated steel tanks and come with a variety of helpful accessories. The tanks are also rust-resistant. The accessories include a hose, two extension wands, a twelve inch floor nozzle with brush and squeegee inserts, crevice tool, round brush and gulper nozzle. All these tools are constructed out of durable, heavy-duty plastic.  A high performance industrial motor with 4.5 peak horsepower comes standard in this series.

Industrial Push Sweep- This quick, efficient, clean and labor saving Shop Vac 3050010 is easy to maneuver and lightweight. It picks up dirt, dust and litter from a variety of hard surfaces including cement, tile, wood and asphalt. To sweep debris away from your walls, curbs and obstacles and into the path of the main broom utilize the twelve inch diameter side broom. The wide main broom has a twenty-seven inch path and sweeps all the debris it captures into a 1.4 cubic foot easy-to-empty hopper. For extra durability, two ten inch main wheels, a three inch heavy-duty caster, seven eighths of an inch diameter steel handle and a dent and rust resistant structural foam frame are also included.

Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Vac- Perfect for dirty jobs, The Shop Vac Shop Sweep 4050010 Indoor/Outdoor Vacuum Sweeper has a powerful 1.25 horsepower electric motor. This sweeper picks up dirt, litter and other debris with no problem at all. It also has a heavy-duty nylon impeller that mulches as it cleans. This means you can use the recycle waste it produces around the yard if needed. This versatile sweeper can be used in a garage or patio because of its hard rubber wheels and two height adjustment settings. It can also be used on low pile carpeting for a thorough cleaning performance.

Shop Vac has an incredibly large product line, so every indoor and outdoor industrial cleaning need you have can be met. It may take more time to choose the product that will suit your needs, but the payoff at the end of your search will make up for the time spent. Shop Vac's customers equate the brand with dependability and the capability to take care of the toughest cleaning jobs. Shop Vac corporation's standards of research, engineering and manufacturing are second to none. With a company policy of continuous product improvement, how can you not trust Shop Vac to get all of your cleaning jobs done?

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