Shop-Vac 9010700 Reusable Disc Filters with Mounting Ring


Shop-Vac 9010700 Reusable Disc Filters with Mounting Ring Don't Have to Replace Because They are Reusable

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The Shop-Vac 9010700 Reusable Disc Filters With Mounting Ring package includes three filters and and easy to use mounting ring. The mounting ring makes the pick-up of larger debris and dry material easier.

Shop-Vac 9010700 filters are meant to be used with a Shop-Vac 9058500 Foam Sleeve. They are economical so they save money. They are also reusable so multiple trips to the store are prevented. Simply wash these filters and then they can be reused again and again.


  • Model: 9010700
  • Product Type: Reusable Disc Filters with Mounting Ring
  • Application: Reusable disc filter and mounting ring allows for easier pick-up of larger, dry debris
  • Product Type: Replacement Filter
  • Reusable Filter: Yes
  • Compatible With (Manufacturer's Part Number): 9058500


  • Can be used in conjunction with a 9058500 Foam Sleeve.
  • Come in a pack of three.
  • Economical so it saves money.
  • Just wash the filter and it can be used again and again.
  • Reusable so you don't have to keep buying more.
  • The included mounting ring helps pick up larger debris and dry material.

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