Best Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning doesn't need to be in the springtime, but anytime is a great time! Especially during the summer months where many young adults are moving in and out of apartments and to colleges, cleaning up is an excellent solution to start the school year right. Make sure that you have the right cleaning tools, especially a vacuum!

Vacuums are Versatile

Vacuums offer you a wide range of cleaning implements and accessories that can tackle many different cleaning tasks. They are also a great investment for your home in the following years to come if maintained properly. A great vacuum can make or break a good cleaning experience, so choose wisely! If you are not sure what kind of vacuum is best for you, consult this vacuum buying guide to assist you.


  • Vacuum cleaners often have extension wands that can help you achieve great results.
  • While dusting, start from the top and finish at the bottom.
  • When you dust walls, you can clean it using a canister vacuum.
  • While dusting blinds, use an nozzle attachment and wrap it with a dust cloth to collect excess dust.
  • Vacuum cleaners are excellent for dusting inside cabinets, as they do not disturb glass and china.

Hard Floor Surfaces

  • Steam vacuums and hard floor vacuums are excellent solutions to dusting, cleaning, and polishing your floors.
  • The nemeses of hard floors are grit and dust, which sand down the gloss and integrity of your floors. Place a dirt mat by the door to help reduce wear and tear.
  • If you have spilled candle wax on your floor, place a paper bag and lightly iron over.
  • If there is spilled gum on the floor, ice it until it crumbles off.
  • Steel wool at different densities can help you rub out stains on your wood surfaces.
  • Remember to wax wooden or vinyl floors periodically to keep it in good shape.


  • Upright vacuums provide a wide cleaning path and easy use for large carpeted areas.
  • If wax had spilled over carpet, take a soft cloth like cotton flannel and lightly iron over it to absorb the wax.
  • Greasy stains can be lifted with an aerosol shaving cream. Use a hair dryer to heat and speed dry, then vacuum over.
  • You could also sprinkle a stain with baking soda, cornstarch, or talcum powder. Leave for 8 hours and vacuum.
  • Hydrogen peroxide helps remove blood stains from fibers.
  • Baking powder on carpet will absorb odors before vacuuming.
  • Too much pet hair? A vacuum specifically designed for pets are great tools to help you pick up their shed hair.
  • Occasionally refresh your carpet by shampooing them. You can use carpet shampooers to achieve such results.

Handheld Vacuums

  • Handheld vacuums are great to use for all sorts of applications.
  • Consider a litter box and a cat that tracks litter everywhere.
  • Spilt cereal or other items can be easy vacuumed and retrieved in bagless handheld vacuums.
  • Have a pet? There are handheld vacuums that can pick up pet hair from your couch or sofa.


  • Take an anti-static dryer sheet and rub it over your fabric furniture to magnetically attract all loose hairs.
  • Vacuuming your furniture with a HEPA vacuum can help reduce symptoms of allergies or asthma, and go slowly!
  • The vacuum crevice tool will help vacuum corners and edges otherwise hidden by furniture.
  • Dust brushes work well over leather furniture.
  • Furniture should be vacuumed weekly for best results.

Plan Your Path

  • When doing a complete cleaning (including disposing of unnecessary items) start with your home office. Remember to recycle what you can!
  • Then tackle the bathroom and kitchen. Throw out any spoiled food. Cleaning out your fridge with a handheld steam cleaner would make it exceptionally easy to do.
  • The bedrooms are often next, because you can create a pile of clothes that can be donated to the local charity. You could also start running the laundry while you clean.
  • Living rooms are last, as they are the largest rooms. Vacuum cleaners will be the main tool of choice to help you clean this room to peak presentation.
  • Remember to devote at least an hour to cleaning your home. Don't worry if you don't get it done in time, because there will be plenty more opportunities to keep your home tidy and neat!

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